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Viet Nom Nom, a Vietnamese-inspired restaurant located in Evanston, IL

My Roles

User Research, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Presentation Design


The Team

Bianca Gay, Grace Desant, Semaje Bell


Sketch, Invision, Miro


Improve information architecture and reevaluate the content of the existing Viet Nom Nom website over a 3-week period.

We delivered our findings via presentation to restaurant owner, Alan Moy


Success Metrics

User feedback and satisfaction. We tested our prototype with 5 users each of which gave positive reviews and interest in being a patronage of Viet Nom Nom


Community Support

& Mentorships



Covid Response

Business Location 


Viet Nom Nom Business Priorities

The Challenge

Who is Viet Nom Nom?

After working with the owner and conducting user interviews we found one common concern: Viet Nom Nom’s identity as a business was not accurately reflected on their website.  


Customers needed a simple way to understand Viet Nom Nom’s business ethics, principles & history because it was difficult to find businesses that align with their personal values.


We made improvements to the information architecture & content throughout the website. Our focus was the redesign of the landing page and creating an about page. 

Business Research

Usability Testing

Upon review of current site we discovered 3 issues:

  1. The top Navigation buttons linked to external sites or PDFs

  2. The Landing Page was text heavy 

  3. It was difficult to learn anything about Viet Nom Nom

Competitive Analysis

We looked at the websites of restaurants in the Chicagoland-area that had similar customer demographics (such as Freshii & Roti) and conducted element analysis and feature comparisons. Each competitor displayed an “about us” button on their homepage that linked to a space dedicated to informing customers of their business story/history.

Content Evaluation

Viet Nom Nom as a company has created a great deal of content detailing their cuisine, partnerships and family values across several social media platforms.  Unfortunately, this was not being shown on their website. We determined it was important to include Viet Nom Nom’s story and priorities on their site by compiling content from these platforms.

User Research

User Interviews + Personas

After conducting several interviews we created statements to guide our understanding of users desires:

“I use brands and companies that are transparent in whom they do and how they do business” ​

“I prefer to support local businesses that I feel connected to instead of a large chain”

“I need to do a lot of research about the food I eat before buying it” 

“I take all the precautions to avoid getting sick and I need businesses to do the same”

Our Recommendations

Information Architecture Updates

  1. Add an about page to the navigation menu

  2. Content of About page to include: "Our Story", Info about the owner,  "The Nom way", Motto, partnerships and social media links

  3. Rearrange content of landing page to include: links to Catering,  Menu and About pages, as well as logo from local partners

  4. Consolidated footer detailing hours, contact info, and social media links

  5. Optional "health & Safety" banner that linked to a "Covid Response" page

Original Sitemap

Proposed Sitemap

Redesign + Content Layout

The original website was mostly a  text heavy landing page and did not include much content for users to interact with. 

Landing Page

Focuses on "call to action" buttons leading users to other content throughout site

About Page

Details the history and foundations of Viet Nom Nom

Covid- 19 Page

Breaks down the precautions Viet Nom Nom has take to ensure customer safety

User Testing

Key Performance Indicators 

We found a high success rate in testers completing tasks across the board:

Ability to find information about the business and owner

Rate of Success: 100%     Average Time: 10 sec


​Ability to locate specific details of Covid-19 Response

Rate of Success: 100%     Average Time: 50 sec


Ability to find business' partners

Rate of Success: 100%     Average Time: 17 sec


Ability to find business hours of operation 

Rate of Success: 100%     Average Time: 19 sec

User Comments

During the testing we asked testers their opinions of Viet Nom Nom and their website. Each user commented on the how simple it was to navigate the prototype.

A challenge we found was users went straight to social media to learn more about the business instead of exploring the website. We later included a social media carousel on the site that lead to Viet Nom Nom's Instagram page for easy access. 

Lessons Learned

Prioritizing business and user needs


Working with such a passionate business owner during pandemic was an eye-opening experience. Through the process I learned the value of prioritizing the needs of all parties involved. 

Initially this consultation began with helping Viet Nom Nom recover after losing 96% revenue due to a mandatory storefront shut-down. After several interviews with the owner & potential users we realized that both parties shared a common problem: Viet Nom Nom wanted to tell their story. Users wanted to hear their story. 

Although this was not the approach we had anticipated, it was the one that made the most sense according to our research. Alan Moy was thrilled with our design decisions.

Future Considerations 

  • User Testing with the updated prototype and content

  • Content re-evaluation with owner's input/feedback

  • Mobile Responsive Design

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