Designer Greenbook

leading black designers + creatives to valuable workplaces


The Challenge

"Design a third-party mobile app to help underrepresented creatives gain access to hiring opportunities, showcases, communities, and/or other resources that ultimately empower them and allow them to thrive."


Design against 100+ international teams in the Adobe x General Assembly Creative Jam competition

My Roles

User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping and Presentation


The Team

"THE PROTOTYPE" : Bianca G, Indigo W


70hr Virtual Design Sprint


Adobe XD, Miro, Notion

Success Metrics

Winning 4th place after presenting our prototype to 3 judges who evaluated us on: audience, innovation, user experience, design and live presentation

Our Approach + Research

Connecting with underrepresented designers

The most difficult part of this challenge was determining the problem in 70 hours. Our Project plan was to spend 1 day researching and the reset of the time designing.

We immediately conducted interviews with our "pre-selected" underrepresented population of parenting black designers to discover their pain points in finding employment opportunities.


We found that being a black parent and designer was not their concern, but instead finding and sustaining employment from the RIGHT company:

Research Findings

Our interviews encouraged us to change our underrepresented population to black designers seeking work environments that aligned with their values so that they may make informed professional decisions

With the remaining research time we explored job search apps such as linkedin, glassdoor and Indeed. We concluded users utilized the review sections of these apps to convey their reflections about workplace environments. 


But overall there weren't curated spaces that provided this information.

"I want to be prepared to speak on my values during my interview but I know some of these large companies do things that contradict how I feel.

"I want to know how to get connected with people that look like me at work. I've always worked at jobs where it's hard to find other black people."

"Honestly with this political climate I'm just trying to find a job where I don't have to worry about anyone on my team or department being inappropriate... and if they are I want to make sure there is something I can do about it."

Our Solution

The Designer Greenbook App

This concept is meant to support black designers discover employment opportunities and companies that align with their values.


It builds a like-minded community that holds organizations accountable for efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion.​

Like the Motorist Greenbook, this app is meant to facilitate a safer passage to a particular destination. In this case the destination is a safe work environment.

Color + Theme

We focused on using green throughout to communicate a familiar and welcoming space 


There are also images/profiles of community members to inspire connectedness and representation

DGB mock up.png

Value Evaluation + Match

Users can take quizzes to assess their personal values 

The app then matches users with companies holding similar values based

on community reviews/feedback


Job Search + Application 

We developed a job/company search feature allowing users to browse positions, review company DEI ratings

and apply for jobs


Interactive Community 

This app also offers virtual/social events,

1:1 mentorship, and personal reflections of their values



Adobe Creative Jam Live Stream

Designer Greenbook was chosen as a Top 10 finalist. I presented our prototype to a panel of 3 judges and we placed 4th in the international competition. 

Reflections + Next Steps


Navigating Ambiguity

The largest lesson I learned in the design sprint was how to navigate ambiguity in such a short amount of time. The challenge for this competition was broad enough to yield hundreds of solutions (and it actually did)! 


My team had to narrow our ideas and research down to one strong concept.  We did so by leveraging our scope, being specific about the population we wanted to serve and leaning into design pivots


Next Steps: Create an MVP

My team remains passionate about designing a way to support black designers and creatives. We are working on the following in hopes of continuing this concept: 

  • Conducting usability tests + In-depth User research

  • Consulting and Partnering with DEI professionals 

  • Discovering more black professional communities

  • Revaluate Problem & Scale Solutions